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Hardshell Softcore is a wave-based arena shooter focused on intense, juicy action and responsive controls. It was developed by a team of 4 Students at the Games Academy Berlin over 5 weeks. 

"You are a Squishy. You are very cute. Your planet and fellow Squishys are under attack.

An Alien hive Mind sent its hordes to your world. You have to save the planet by defeating all enemy waves and reaching their boss. Your Mechsystem and its firepower will help you to reach this goal."

Vincent Schneider ] Artist, Art Direction, Branding
Oliver Kühl ] Game Design, Level Design, Branding
Nine Seiring ] Production
Steve Voigt (HardCode)] Code, UI, Game Design, Branding

Music provided by the awesome Cartoon Theory!

[ WASD ] Move Around
[ E ] Exit Vehicle
[ L Mouse ] Shoot
[ R Mouse] Dash
[ Space ] Jump, Double jump


HardShellSoftCore_Win_Post-Goldmaster_1.2a.zip 56 MB
HardShellSoftCore_Win_1.0_Goldmaster.zip 48 MB

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